Is my child too sick for school?

Fever. Cough. Flu… Children come down with illnesses big and small. Some are contagious, but some aren’t.

Children are bound to fall sick once they start school for various reasons.

Sometimes it can be difficult deciding whether to keep sick children at home or at school. Staying at home means more work when they go back to school. However, if they do go to school, chances are that they WILL infect their classmates! Their condition can also worsen as sick children do need their rest to recover faster.

When your child is fit to return to school

Generally, your child is fit to return to school once:

Sickness Fit to return to school after:
Bacterial infection 24 hours after ingesting antibiotics
Viral fever 24 hours fever free without fever reducing medications
Vomiting and diarrhoea 24 hours symptom free
HFMD once fever free and all rashes have dried up
Chicken pox no new rash and all rashes have dried up
Pink eye 1-2 days depending whether viral or bacterial
Influenza 5-7 days

I understand that taking care of sick children at home will be an extra burden to parents. However, it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to limit or stop the spread of a disease. After all, you wouldn’t want other children infecting your child right?

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