How to comfort your #teethingbaby πŸ’•

Teething is a process where the baby’s teeth break through the gums. Most children will get their first tooth by 6 months and girls often get theirs earlier than boys.
Once your child develops his first tooth eruption, you can expect two new teeth every 2-4 months until a complete set of 20 milk teeth by 30 months.

Does teething cause pain?πŸ˜₯

Of course! I am sure you still remember that annoying pain when your wisdom tooth erupted. But rest assured that it gets better for your child once more teeth has erupted.


How can we help to relieve pain associated with teething?

βœ”οΈOffering chilled (not frozen) liquid-filled teething rings, pacifiers, or a clean washcloth for baby to gnaw can provide some comfort.
βœ”οΈIf your baby has started weaning, offer hard, teething biscuits to chew on.
βœ”οΈMassage your baby’s gums with your clean finger. Take the opportunity to do this during your baby’s daily oral hygiene care.
βœ”οΈFever medicine should be the last resort if your baby is extremely fussy or having trouble sleeping. Remember to consult your doctor first before serving any medicine to your baby.
βœ”οΈAvoid teething gels that contain benzocaine, a numbing medicine that can cause rare side effects in young children.


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