Parenting tips to raise safe and healthy kids

Roseola Baby Measles

Have you heard about Sixth Disease (Roseola Infantum)? Sixth disease, also known as roseola infantum, exanthem subitum or commonly as 'baby measles,' has got to be

Diaper rash in children

Diaper Rash in Children Diaper rash is so common that it affects at least 50% of infants. Although it is far from life-threatening, it can cause

Cradle cap baby treatment

Cradle cap, the unwanted accessory! Baby K came to see me for a worsening face rash. Despite his face rash, he was relatively comfortable with no

Prevent bullying in school

Say NO to BULLYING! ?‍♀️?‍♂️ A mother recently filed a legal suit of 2 million against a government school in Temerloh, Pahang and others over the bullying

Lymph node in children

Lymph node in children "Doctor, there is a lump on my child's head. Should I be worried?" Almost everyday concerned parents ask me about lumps that are

Why my child has potbelly?

Why does my child have a potbelly? I find babies or young children (toddlers) with potbellies the cutest thing ever! Potbellies in this age group is

Food poisoning from eggs

Food poisoning due to bad eggs Instead of enjoying the Hari Raya celebrations, 99 individuals from 20 families suffered from food poisoning instead, after consuming a

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